About us


We strive to provide academic excellence and the promotion of human and spiritual values in a Salesian atmosphere of joy and nurturing, giving our students the sense of belonging to a worldwide family. We prepare them to meet the challenges of the future and become responsible stewards of God’s creation.


We find the very reason for our existence in the integral education of children. We see each student as a unique individual who is lovingly created by God. Comprised of students, parents, Sisters, teachers and staff, our educating community is committed to serve as partners of the parents who are the first educators of their children.



Salesian Method

We follow Don Bosco’s educational approach of reason, values and loving kindness, which helps create a positive atmosphere of joy and friendliness coupled with a firm insistence that students demonstrate personal responsibility, discipline, academic excellence, and respect towards all of God’s creation.

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Don Bosco's System


Don Bosco called his system of education “preventive” since his goal was to prevent the child from poor choices so as to reduce the need for punishment. He insisted that parents and educators use gentle firmness to reason with each child to help her choose to live by good values. (Reason – Values – Loving Kindness).



What does it mean to be Salesian?

mazelloFamily spirit sums up the Salesian philosophy of education. Our founders, Don Bosco and Mary Mazzarello, focused their energies on helping young people feel the love of God through their educators. Their secret was to form a family unit with the young, using a discipline of respect and gentle firmness that helped the child correct unacceptable ways of behavior while still maintaining her dignity. Salesian spirituality is both simple and practical. Don Bosco taught young people to please God by always being joyful. Mary Mazzarello would tell the girls to “do the right thing, at the right time, and only for the love of God.” Working in their own spheres yet focused on the same goals, these two helped thousands of children to achieve a profound sense of human and spiritual maturity. Following in their footsteps, we too, work to educate the whole child, preparing her for the future through academic www.paybestwatch.net strength, spiritual acuity, and human goodness.