This two-year program focuses on helping each child to develop holistically. Guided by the National Standards for Preschool Children in Egypt, learning outcomes include standard levels of knowledge, personal traits, social behaviors, routine, concepts, values and physical development. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking skills, creativity and problem solving. Academic subjects of English, Arabic and math focus on laying the groundwork for success throughout their school years.


During the six years a girl spends in primary, she gradually progresses in the basic subjects of English, Arabic and math and adds the curricula of science, social studies and French. She begins to develop essential life skills of organization, teamwork and dialogue. The young girl opens up to spiritual values and learns to accept other children with different views. She slowly lays the foundation for a healthy self-esteem that will help her to take initiative, express her opinion and take responsibility.


In the preparatory stage, the student seeks to bridge the primary stage and the secondary. These three years of preparatory coincide with the initial years of adolescence, which presents a difficult challenge to each young person. Her classes in the academic subjects of math, science, religion, English, Arabic, French, history, art and physical education will require a high form of discipline. Work expected will demand she think for herself, do research using the internet, analyze material discovered and present and defend her ideas through technological media. As she strives to establish her sense of self, best replica watches she will learn the value of healthy friendships.


This 3-year period that precedes university will witness the young woman’s swiftest maturation educationally and as a person. Growing toward adult maturity, she will develop a true independence in her studies and a capacity to carry a heavy academic load which now includes philosophy, psychology ___ as well as the core subjects. At one point, she must choose a specific track to follow, either math and the sciences or a literary focus, which will determine her future study and career possibilities. The need to place well on the government test at the end of the third year presents a daunting task and demands strong self-discipline, which ultimately pushes her to mature more quickly. Toward the end of this period, she will look back on her school years with the eyes of a woman and more accurately evaluate herself and her experience here. The discipline, wisdom and sense of belonging she has attained these years are the precious jewels she brings with her to higher learning and keeps throughout her life.

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